Rent your boat

No requieren titulación. Gasolina incluida. Hasta 6 personas. ¡Se capitán por un día!

Complementary services

Any of our complementary services must be paid for just before boarding at our port booth.

  • Refrigerator with ice.
  • Drinks: soft drinks and water.
  • Pair of snorkel: goggles, tube and fins.
  • Bluetooth speaker.


The rental franchise will be paid just before embarking in our port booth and one of the two modalities can be chosen:

  • €600 refundable.
  • €50 non-refundable.


Length: 4,50 m
Strut: 0,77 m
No. of People: 6
Engine: 15 HP
Beam: 2.01m
Draft: 0.26m
Maximum load: 600 kg
Approval: C (unsinkable)